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What's in Your Mind

We have reached the middle of our work week, so what's in your mind? You most likely have completed two days of work and now you have two days to go, so what's in your mind? Our thoughts influence how we feel, and how we feel influences what type of day we will have. We have to be mindful of what we are thinking because we have the power to change our thoughts.

If we look at our situation and only see the worst, the we are castastophizing. This is a cognitive distortion, but again we have the power to change it. So you can ask yourself, why do I only see the worst, and rather than focus on what is the worse that can happen think, what is the best that can happen. Sure it may not be the desired outcome but if its better than the worst, I am doing good.

We also have to learn how to stop blaming ourselves for events in other peoples lives, this cognitive distortion is called personalization. Many times in relationship when our partner is exhibiting some bad behaviors we feel that maybe if we would have done things differently they would not act like that. The truth is we are not responsible for other's behaviors, we all have choices to make.

Disqualifying the positive is common. This is when we can only see the negative even when positive is present. For example, if 20 people told you, you were beautiful and one person said you were ugly, 9 times out of 10 you will forget the 20 compliments and focus on the one negative.

So today evaluate what is in your mind. If you are having a bad day, change your stinking thinking and see if you day brightens.

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