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The Disciplined Self

Self-discipline is not my strongest area, but is so important in our everyday life. With the holidays, births, deaths and all kinds of other issues, your lifestyle can easily get out of control. What can you do to get things back in order? Take control of your life and self-discipline can get you there. Lately I noticed that I have changed my eating habits and have found that instead of cooking I have been eating fast food. Yes I can use the excuse of being busy, but I can also own up and say I need to manage my time better and prep my food for the week. So I am going to be a grown women and say that I have not managed my time well and have not been disciplined at all. There are definitely consequences for my actions such as weight gain, stomach ache, sluggish, just a general feeling of being tired. So for me in order to get things back on track, I started an Esther fast and have returned to practicing mindfulness. To take it to the next level of mindfulness I re-enrolled in yoga classes. #soexcited Can you share some ways you get yourself back on track after the holidays?

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