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I'm Coming Out!!

Now that they are talking about businesses reopening, what kind of things are you going to do? I think it will be great to be able to go in the store and buy toilet tissue and bleach again. I can't wait to go and sit out on the lake and eat at Akashi or Fajita Jacks, heck both!

What have you learned being home? I realized that there needs to be a work life separation for me. Like I miss that ahhh feeling when I come home from the office. Now everything is in my room and that's no fun.

I can't wait to get back to worship with my spiritual family. I want to sing "This Ain't No Ordinary Worship", by Kelontae Gavin. To thank God for keeping us through this COVID-19. Can't wait!

I also can't wait to help those that have been traumatized in this quarantine or have experienced new triggers to old trauma's.

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