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Back in the Office

So back to the office I go, i will wear my mask, keep social distancing and allow my clients who need face to face interaction to come in and I will keep seeing my other clients on Telehealth. This has been a very challenging time, what have you learned about yourself? I feel that I have learned that I don't really need television. Many times it's on but we are talking, not watching it. I feel that our families have been restored in a sense, that we have again valued and desired to be in each other's presence. I have learned that the reason I have not been exercising has nothing to do with lack of time, it is lack of motivation and desire. I have learned that this stay home order has revealed all of our lame excuses for not doing what we should. I learned that I love to praise and worship with my spiritual family, there is nothing like it. I crave it, can't wait to get back to it. But don't get me wrong, I can praise and worship alone, like no other, because God has been good to me. We are unstoppable when we want to be! How resilient are you?

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